You Are Creative

It is not uncommon that one has a friend who believes he was not born with any natural talents, or simply, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body”. Well I don’t believe in natural talents, and I certainly don’t believe in creative bones, but creativity is more of an exercise than it is a talent. Everyone who has a brain with a right hemisphere has it. It just needs to be worked with, shaped, and nourished.

It probably has something to do with a common misjudgment of one’s own abilities. But it all boils down to apathy of that desire to discover for one’s self. Maybe writing is something that “older” people do, or more intelligent people. No, every person can create something different, even if it is not up to the world’s standards. Hone it, and someday it will be.

I have often at points in my life questioned my own creativity. I’m not a child prodigy, so how would I know? I had a written a story fragment here and there, but nothing really complete. It all comes down to one word: discipline. In order to start writing musical compositions, blog posts, or school essays, I had to compel myself to write them. It won’t happen automatically; if you want to write a song, you better go sit down and start writing. Ideas don’t float around in my head all day. If I don’t continue to exercise the right side of my brain, I won’t get any better at it.

There is no “writer’s block” or “lack of creativity”. There is, however, a conscious lack of effort that hinders the creative process. Idleness gets in the way of the important things, such as thinking for one’s self. The brain is there to learn, think, and create. Creativity is not some form of intelligence that exists in solely a few people. It may not be that you are already a genius and can create whatever you wish either. You might think you are a small thinker, but you have your own ideas. Think, think, and think again, and soon you’ll find that you have the ability to make something that no one has seen or heard before.

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  1. What a nice post! I've often thought similar things.

    You know, musicians are a lot to blame for this viewpoint of "just being born differently" as a naturally creative person. I think a lot of musicians try to sort of mold this mystique around their music, trying to give the impression that no one else could have done what he did.

    But I agree with you — if people would work at something creative, sooner or later, they would come up with something interesting that the world hasn't seen or heard before. It may even need revision after that point, but the actual creative core can still be there.

    I do disagree about writer's block, though — it's a very real malady that has affected me at times. However, I have always had the drive to make it last only about a week or so — I do think that if it lasts, like, 3 years, it's either apathy or laziness, or something like that.

    Really cool blog, man! I'm glad I decided to check it out =)

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