Winter Miniature

Well today is the day that I find my subscribers to be at an all-time low! But it’s ok since I know now even Googlebot has lost interest in me, I’m faced with the truth. But I’m going to keep adding to this thing anyway.

Last month I was faced with a lot of freshman turmoil – concerts, masterclasses, guest private lessons, recitals, and the best, marching band. And in a week I face my true final, juries. Well, hope is around the corner! With some studying and practicing, I can soon be home with my family and old friends. And then it will be Christmas. Anyway, here are some thoughts I wanted to share. They are in the form of a theme I wrote last night when I couldn’t sleep.

Download: Winter Miniature (pdf)

At a band social last night, we made Christmas cards for members of the armed forces. I thought of when my older brother and sister were out serving their missions. It was different than when they were away for college, because I knew that they were out there doing the Lord’s work, devoting each and every day to the endeavor. I loved them for that, and even though I may never meet those to whom I sent cards, I love them as well for being who they are. How about this month we think about service, charity, and love? Happy holidays!

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