Wind Symphony Tour

I wrote a blurb about touring Europe with the BYU Wind Symphony on my family’s blog, so head on over there to read about it. Overall it was a fantastic experience. I only we could have stayed in one place for longer! But I’m glad we saw every place that we did, because there were so many sights. And seeing YSAs and faithful families on other continents was an inspiration to me; it was amazing to meet all these people from other cultures. Now I’m back in Provo on my second day missing four wisdom teeth, and so far I feel no pain or swelling coming on – knock on wood! The funny thing was leaving right after winter semester and returning in the middle of spring semester: this campus is empty! But it’s been fun running into old friends at different times. I’m glad not everyone’s left. But soon I will go home… just one more week. Oh, the excitement of traveling.

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