Why Blogger is my Host of Choice

As discussed in an earlier post, I did give a shot at Facebook’s Page feature to create myself a web page. I had tried to create web pages beforehand, but I could never think up their contents. With Facebook, there would be nothing to set up. It is simple another Facebook page with statuses that can be followed. I realized this was not ideal to have my page on Facebook because:

  • I personally find the Facebook platform unfavorable
  • Facebook is blocked in many places, unlike Google
  • Blogger gives me an exceedingly larger amount of control over my interface, content, pages, and anything else you’d like to name
  • I like to write articles. Facebook is a little behind on the Notes/Blog game
  • Facebook focuses on it being a “Fan Page” and gives the feel of a popularity contest. With my personal web site I don’t need to feel so self-centered. the “social” is not as central, but I still encourage reader feedback in any manner possible.
  • I like to read others’ blog posts. I don’t as much like to read status updates.

Yes, having a Facebook page is valuable, it’s so easy to like a page and connect it to your profile. But people don’t sign up for posted articles and updates unless they are specifically “liking” a blog or news channel to begin with. The attitude of microblogs is to make things simple. Share absolutely anything you can find on the web your followers, and then in turn let them share that. There is little one must think up for one’s self. Like tumblr and Twitter, other microblogs, it makes thing too easy.

I did try WordPress. That is also a neat alternative, I do recommend it. I just happen to know more people on blogspot than them. Blogger provides a wealth of tools for statistics and customization options. I may change someday and perhaps host it on my own domain, but I like paying nothing for a site and today this blog suits my purposes. I know I’ve been ragging on about what Google+ is lacking, but Blogger is an app that all Google users should utilize.

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