Visiting Home for the First Time

Well, it happened. I’m back in Maryland! Yeah and I reverted the site decor to its original design, with some extra color. I missed the old classic look. Anyway I know I wrote a bit of Christmas-y stuff last post but I can always post more, it’s December. This semester has been a blast. Sustaining myself for the first time turned out to be a ton of fun. It’s become a second home to me. Which is good, except being home feels strange, like I’m just visiting it for the time being. It’s only a matter of time before I go back anyway.

First I visited all the people from the branch. Christmas party and whatnot, lots of improvising on the program. The funny thing is that I feel like no one has changed, even though I still have that gut feeling that I’ve missed a ton of stuff that they’re just shrugging off. After a few months, I’d like to be a little bit more in on the picture. Then I visited old DHS in the morning. Same sort of feeling. I think the problem is that it’s the first day and there aren’t enough stories to divulge that are just so related to a single conversation, and the other problem is that I’m not going to keep coming back everyday to talk about different stuff. But I saw most of my teachers and I’m thinking it’s gotta be completely different in the home point-of-view than the visitor. I don’t really want to be nostalgic, but it was so easy to sit at the chorus room piano and read through the Eric Whitacre pieces on the stand. And apparently I’m going in tomorrow to record piano accompaniments for the drama club. And my answer is… absolutely! It’s good to be back.

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