Tone Clusters

Download: Leo’s Bee (pdf)

Wow I wish I had spent more time on this but it’s due tomorrow so I’ve got what I’ve got. And lots to read… Anyway, another challenge that I already knew was beyond me, but this was my shot at it. Tone cluster music! And no one time signature for more than a measure. I suppose I cheated when I alternated 3/4 an 6/8 for the dyad melody, but that’s only because I still consider myself orderly enough to not only have have a definite tonal center but at least a mostly repeating meter. But, limitations will be limitations. Kind of hoping to avoid this many clusters in my future music.

So I already considered Leo Ornstein to be a genius. His late works involving extensive use of the tone cluster seemed to make more sense than some of Cowell’s or Ives’. The below Wild Men’s Dance is one of his signature and best and is really quite catchy. I also found this incredibly difficult to notate; how did he get all those notes in there? And how does he make them sound so GOOD?

Sorry, I can neither play the above piece nor my own at this time. It would be pretty cool though.

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