The Music Marathon

The Music Marathon, a DHS Music Boosters fundraiser, is 26.2 continuous hours of music at The Music Cafe. Needless to say it was a lot of fun – 3 bucks to see a variety of performance for hours on end? Yup. Some were just for fun but others were simply amazing. I stayed from 2:30PM til midnight. Took a couple breaks in between, but didn’t miss that much.

It was good to see all the people there. Pretty much a huge party, but my kind of style 🙂 Playing the piano for Sam, Tyler, and Nick and some of the cast for the school musical was a gratifying experience. The piano kind of sucked… whatever.

I also jammed with Ryan and Nathan and his bro. I have to admit I was freaking out because it would mostly be improv since I hadn’t gotten all of the chords down, but it ended up being pretty fun. After I figured out what key we were playing in.

Yeah, I did have fifteen minutes to myself on the piano. I didn’t feel as much a lack of preparation because I did have music. But I was pretty distracted, not only from the awful noises coming out of the piano and the endless chatter which I expected, but the kids playing their instruments simultaneously on-stage… that probably annoyed me the most. After all that I wasn’t feeling the music come alive, which is the only true reward that a person can get from a performance. So I left after that, but it had been a long day and night. It’d be cool to go back now, but we’ve got to go to church. Fabulous idea, they better do it again next year!

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