The Music Ed Interview

This morning, I got up at 7AM anxiously getting ready for the day at College Park. Wasn’t that easy getting up but I wasn’t going to risk being late. My schedule was pretty simple – 10:00 Clarinet Audition, 12:00 Tour, 12:30 Mandatory Information Session, and 2:15 Group Interview.

So we had to drop off Megan at school before leaving, which was almost 9AM. My mom said she knew where we were going, since we’ve been to the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center many times. But the traffic on 495 was so bad and she freaked out after missing the exit and I thought cheap mlb jerseys I would be late to the audition. I did plan on being a half hour early to warm up, but that wasn’t be the case.

So it was vacances 9:55 and I ran into the building out of Paragraph the cold. After a few turns I wholesale jerseys found the registration desk and took my place behind Tour the queue of other students. wholesale mlb jerseys I finally got to the front and got my mugshot photo taken. It was already 10 by then, so I had to debate if I would go warm up, since there was no time and I wouldn’t want to be late. But the door to the audition room was just unlocked and I stepped inside. The Cartoon: clarinet professors had just got there since I was first and they let me play a few notes before I would perform. They were very friendly, but they didn’t reveal any the results. I know I could have done better, but I was in a rush and otherwise it sounded great.

By the time 12 came around I found a few friends to chat with. The tour and music education information session went by fine, while I was bit tired but I listened in.

Then it was time for the interview and I was getting really nervous, Secret as I had nothing prepared. We were and welcomed in as a small group of music ed applicants and seated around a table with Professors Carter, Hewitt, and Montgomery. After we introduced ourselves, I’m not going to give too much away because future applicants need the experience. However, it was a 45 minutes well spent and it was a lot of fun.

So I was finally able to get home by 4PM after having spent most of the day at the Arts Center. I can’t wait until February, by which time I will be informed of the An results!

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