Setting Projects in Motion

It’s been about a week here in Provo. While staying here I’ve been given the privilege to score two short animations, both final projects by students attending the Art Center in Pasadena. The first depicts a young girl who needs to get glasses, but is made fun of at school. In the end, she finds a way for her and her friends to make glasses fun. See if you can hear the story.

glasses girl by joshtsai

The second illustrates the scene of a battle between a dragon and a little man who appears out of a tapioca ball, all which happens inside a cup of boba milk tea. The concept art is viewable here. The challenge with this one was not as much synchronizing scene changes as it was with the previous one. With this one, I sent in my first attempt at scoring; alas, it wasn’t as “epic” as was desired. So the second time around, I created something simpler, but much more heavy and dense. This is the result:

boba battle by joshtsai

One of the things I learned from this is that one who hires another should never be afraid of saying that the outcome isn’t good enough. Both ends will be satisfied in the end if the result pleases the one hiring. The animations were beautifully done, but unfortunately you will have to make do with my end of it for now.

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