NATS, shows…

After rehearsing every day and finding no time at all, the Damascus High School drama club performed How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights with an extra matinee Saturday afternoon! It all happened so fast. I had been waiting for this week to be over for a long time… I am actually quite glad it is. I am still dreading trying to learn everything we’ve been learning in BC Calc for the past week and doing all that homework. That really isn’t important anyway, although it would be nice to start doing well in that class. Anyway the shows were wonderful! Three hours each, and I got to play a variety of music on my keyboard.

Due to accompanying NATS particpants earlier Saturday, I had to rush in a half hour late to the matinee. Thank Mrs. Berry for being there to cover for me! She is awesome. Also, Mrs. Williams, who graciously covered for my last audition at NATS, which would have made me miss that entire show. I am lucky to know these people! It was a fun time running around all day. But now it’s over. The business will not end anytime soon!

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