My 2012 Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! Jonathan, Jessica, and I flew into Salt Lake City together for the first time on Saturday. I finally got to officially move into my new dorm, the brand new spiffy and incredibly spacious apartments of New Heritage! As for New Year’s Eve, Jessica and I went up to Temple Square using TRAX, just because we had never ridden it. Jonathan was hanging with one of his mission comps who would also be going to SLC, but we never actually met up… But we got there with time to see the temple and the free concerts at the tabernacle – a rock duo named Truman, whose voices and instrumentation blended quite well, and the Nashville Tribute Band, which we were very excited to finally see Jason Deere, Katherine Nelson, Dan Truman, David Osmond, and the others for their excellent country-style music dedicated to The Work. After catching a glimpse of the fireworks from temple square, we ran to the UTA trains again just in time for the last ride home… thank goodness!

So it’s finally the year 2012, and the new year marks resolution-making time. Last year was my first semester of college, and now that I’ve adjusted somewhat to the life here, I need to get rid of my bad habits and replace them with good ones. I’ve divided my resolutions by priority so that I know which are more important than others.

I am aiming my resolutions this year to prepare to be a good missionary. Basically these are to be a temple worthy Priesthood holder each day to prepare for the mission which I plan for halfway through the year. To help, I will read from the Book of Mormon every morning as my first task of the day. But in order for that to happen, I am required to wake up earlier than I did last semester. And that itself involves sleeping earlier. So in order to adjust to missionary sleeping time, I will be in bed by 10PM every night, and be up at 6:30AM. Yeah, this is an incredible goal, seeing as I was never asleep even by midnight before especially with the roommates awake and the late night events, but this is just to create the habit so that every time I get the chance in the future, I will be earlier to bed and earlier to rise. I know that this will overall benefit my health and performance level during the day.

As an improvement from last semester, I will be spending less money, especially on fast food. To save on food, I will be cooking my meals every day, allowing for eating out only 1-3 times as week or not at all. To improve upon my cooking I will be trying a new recipe once a week, avoiding anything prepared. Also, I will avoid overloading my body with too much food, instead stopping when I am full and refrigerating leftovers. I’m still striving to avoid those freshman fifteen. To help with that, I will visit the free gym at least once a week. Look, this is better than nothing, and I’d rather not try more than is realistic for me, as I am prone to give up on such things if they are even in the least bit difficult. The minimum time there will be one hour.

Because I am in Utah, I am required to go skiing/snowboarding at least once. It’s winter semester, the weather should treat us a little more nicely. So that goes on the long-term checklist. Also, I don’t know if I will be needing a job this semester, but it would really help me with money. So it would be a really good idea. Just… the hours! And yeah, I need to get my GPA up. This semester I must get straight A’s. Not even a B. I’m only taking two GenEds, it shouldn’t even be that difficult. Last semester I got a C+ in private lessons. What does that mean? It means practicing my clarinet much, much more. To facilitate this, I will be keeping a practice log, trying to fit in just two hours per day. This will also involve purchasing more music to practice on my own time.

I believe that’s it. Mostly I am trying to be a better person spiritually, physically, and mentally. Toward other people, I will continue to strive for a positive attitude toward absolutely every situation by turning the bad one upside-down. It’s worked in the past, and it still does now. I will also try to be less judgmental toward people that don’t live up to my expectations. I can be a better friend, right? As I once tweeted, a good mnemonic device is a song, in particularly the immediately catchy and overused I-V-vi-IV. You can either make up your own melody and use one of the many, many options in the world already. Might be difficult to make rhyme, but if you do, they are that much easier to remember! And it could be so annoying that it won’t leave your head. Haha, who actually does that…

Well good luck to everyone else on their resolutions! Remember, you’ve got to make the changes yourself. Don’t procrastinate, prioritize! And with that, we journey onto the winter semester and ready to take on the mounting load of work. Cheers to a New Year!

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