Fixed Register Duet

They just keep getting better and better, and I feel even less responsible for my music now and I’ll tell you why. The assignment was to compose a duet for flute and vibraphone in which only certain pitches could be used. In class each student chose a random pitch and the resulting scale was a combination of them all. This does not include their pitch classes.

Download: rev (pdf)

I’ve always tried to avoid randomness for the most part in my pieces, even though I’ve heard it is a relatively common contemporary practice. That of course might be the reason, but as a writer I want to feel responsible for all the sounds that I make, and sure I’m just picking and choosing from this scale. But the pitches were random, and the only centricity it has lies in the fact that a pitch can only be played in its register. That also means creating melodies that are harmonically independent of each other. Which I guess is alright.

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