First Class Projects

First week of classes is over, although it was more like two days because we began school on Wednesday and I changed my schedule later that day. But the assignments are rolling in! I was eager (and somewhat intimidated) for Composition 1, as you know if you’ve read my blog that I have my doubts about what a school can teach about composition these days. And so far it’s been interesting and I can’t judge it just yet; however Dr. Thornock seems to be the guy of wisdom that the class needs. And now that I’m finally enrolled in a composition course, I can pretend that I’m receiving commissions, and add my assignments to this portfolio. Which means, (hopefully) compositions of all styles are about to be posted here on a more regular basis than they have been.

Download: Thinking Claps (pdf)

Download: Minor Seconds (pdf)

Simple things for now. In reference to a quote by the professor, I’ll try to be true to my voice while adding “more tools” to my toolbox.

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