Don’t let them tear you down

You are the master of yourself.

None of them –not a single one of them– has ever worked as hard as you have to be where you are. And they never will, because they don’t understand what it means to sacrifice. They entice you with their sweet talk and seeming reward, though they do not know the meaning of true consistency. It is the mark of a true friend, a true warrior: the ability to commit, to disregard the past, and to follow through. They will make a mockery of your endeavor simply because the misery of normalcy demands it. Yet you are above, and while they seem not to lie, that a pinch will do nothing, they only care that you forget yourself in the moment. And that is the very trap you must resist.

Do not forget. Do not forget the surety that you know you can reach your goal. Do not forget that you have come so far because of your vigilance and ability to be true to yourself. Do not forget that there are others who would ravage to have what you have. Your friends seek to tear you down with them out of no malice, only the hidden jealousy that feeds any spirit who does not wish to better himself, and therefore others.

Listen only to you. Only to you.

Only you know.

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