BYU First Impressions: Band Camp

School is starting tomorrow, and everyone’s finally moved in and ready to begin being busy! Actually many of us have already been quite busy and since the beginning of last week I have been wondering if it would ever come to an end. I didn’t get the orientation that all the other freshmen did (thank goodness). I got something better: college band camp.

It’s funny, the whole time I’ve been here, I haven’t been able to get up before 9AM, which is counter-intuitive since the clock has shifted back two hours for me. But I was able to pull off waking up at 6/7AM every day this past week, and it was well worth it. The clarinet section is wonderful and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to meet all the various marching band members and take part in the abundant humor. They are friendships that I know will last much longer than the awkward acquaintances I’m sure that the freshmen who attended orientation probably experienced. The clarinet section contains 14 members, half of which are new this year, and all of whom are likeable people, which is definitely a first for me. What’s neater is that a bunch of us are music majors.

Spirit days weren’t as big a thing as I was anticipating, but there were still many funny moments. On Harry Potter day, I dressed up as Harry; we also had Ron and Hermione and most everyone else was a Patronus or Dementor. I found a chance to cast my own patronus charm, but even better my section leader brought a tent. Then during break we enacted the scene of Ron stomping out of the tent, leaving Harry to awkwardly dance with a weeping Hermione. It was great.

This summer is marked as unusually hot. This is also a new climate for me; much more dry and bipolar in weather! This marks the first time I’ve willingly put on sunscreen, and a lot of it. But I have been getting many remarks on how dark my skin has become. I am also very grateful for hats, something else I never really enjoyed using, and I now have one of my own. We have begun setting drill and rehearsing most of our music. I won’t give anything away, but I feel very excited about my roles in the upcoming shows, so they will be worth watching!

This experience has proven to be even more of a blessing from God. When I was accepted into the marching band, I was awarded $650 in scholarship money. I just purchased all my books in Saturday, and as it turns out, in total I spent all in all $647. I thank God for the wonderful ways in which He works and blesses our lives each day.

And yeah… I suppose this post isn’t what you thought it would be, but band camp has been my first impression of BYU, and I’ve loved it. My dorm and ward will be things I will need to get accustomed to, as well as lacking a motor vehicle. But I know that this is going to be an amazing experience to come.

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