Building Harmonies: “Sparks In Your Eyes”

Three weeks ago, I was approached with an interesting take for writing. A young artist found me online and requested piano music for her one of her songs. “What kind of music?” I asked. “Mostly pop, some electronic” was my reply. I was slightly hesitant as I have been quite of the pop music loop for a long time now, but I took the challenge because I had been wanting to write all summer, but my job has been leaving me very little time to do so. Songwriting didn’t seem like it would take very long.

The difference here was that I was expecting to be emailed lyrics. During our conversation I was told I would be emailed two versions, one with a beat and one without, which left me slightly confused. But I went along with it. As it turns out, she was sending me audio files of her singing her music. When I received the a cappellas, I recognized their flavor of pop and saw its potential. I had the following Saturday off so I had time to sit down and build harmonies from the given melodies. It didn’t take nearly as much time as I thought, but then again, once one comes up with the main ideas, nothing really ever does.

Here is the track with the starting vocals mixed with the piano background:

Sparks in your eyes MIXED by joshtsai

I was not sent a final mix, but for a demo it works well, and I was delighted that the vocals didn’t take long to become in tune; you can imagine the difficulty of working in this order, which is why this is simply a demo. The instrumental can also be listened to alone.

The songwriter/vocalist’s name is Aria Royce. I was not given other information, but the lyrics, melody line, and singing are to her credit.

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