8 Hours In An Office. 24 Hours In A Band Room.

As instrumental auditions for college begin filing in, this question plagues my mind. Would I rather work 40 hours a week in an office sitting at a computer. Or would it be cool to be stuck (l) in a high school band room 24/7. And yes, I probably would be there all day getting things done.

It is the age-old question – “What should I major in?” Completely unanswerable of course, wholesale jerseys it’s all up to the individual to decide. I really see music as being status part of my future, whether or not it’s a full-time job. I’ve worked the past two summers at Таре. NIST sitting in the Events lab 40 hours a week, and I can honestly say though it had boring moments, it was worth it. Working a lot needs to pay a lot, and that’s really all I want in a job.

Is it really? Would being a music teacher honestly sustain me and the family I want to have in the future? The difficulty Not in finding a job these days is wholesale NFL jerseys very real, so it’s a good idea to just stick to one thing and go for it. Plus, being a music major sucks up your entire schedule in college.

Double major? It’s a possibility. Not too sure if it will succeed, unless the majors are related, which cheap NFL jerseys IT and Music definitely aren’t. Perhaps a minor? I don’t think I can through slide either one to the side. But time will tell, and I’ll be sure to make my choice before it’s too late.

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