Slimming Down on Junk

I have a new goal for myself. I often find that when I am swamped in work or just wanting for time, I also find myself indulging in mindless drudgery, useless bits of time. These can include excessively checking the phone, snacking and eating fast food, or going on YouTube and otherwise just chilling. Thinking on this makes me realize just how how much of my life is can be wasted, even harmed. Resorting to these habits may help me forget what stresses me out, but also the little important tasks that need to be done. They take less effort than other things that aren’t necessarily required of me, but would benefit me in the long run. Such things as:

  • exercising/strengthening
  • playing music (esp. in preparation for something)
  • studying a foreign language
  • scheduling dates/friendshipping
  • programming
  • reading
  • overall becoming educated/acquiring new skills

It’s a rather odd phenomenon that these actions, when their durations are totaled, take up a significant portion of the time that I actually have to myself. I told a good friend how I felt about having time to do things, and he reasoned that “you sleep for eight hours and work for eight more. Add in eating and driving and that’s a few hours more. You still have around four hours a day to do different things.” Thankfully I live close to my work and do not have to experience daily traffic. That’s quite a blessing, though coming home after working for a day, I would simply like to nap, while in my mind, I urgently need to hit the gym, eat dinner, and participate in other activities for the night (and when those activities involve other people, they hardly ever only last one or two hours).

I don’t know if it is necessary to “fast” from these activities, like a diet. But I do think it is important for me to think more before acting, in order to make things happen. It’s good to wind down and watch full movies every once in a while. At least they are something to talk about later. But I am sure that stopping myself before mindless self-indulgence gets out of hand will greatly benefit me in every way.

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