Phone Call Tragedy

It gets awkward. And I usually only call people when the subject is urgent.

The only real problem is that I don’t know what the reason behind a neglected reply is. It could very easily not be the person’s fault, but it also could.

When it’s business, it should be serious. For example, I’ll have a client who has an audition on Saturday. He needs an accompanist and I’ve agreed to help him, but all I have is a phone number. I tell you, I blow up with joy if he picks up the phone, because we can actually talk! However more often than not the phone is not picked up, and I am left with the answering machine. So I’ll leave a message explaining who I am and a possible plan in case they get the message and can’t get back to me.

A backup plan is good and all, except for the fact that there isn’t any certainty that this person ever got the message. Most commonly, the message was skipped over and he is in need to being called again. That’s fine, the audition date is coming up soon and it would be important to rehearse the music so this guy has a chance.

So you call again later, and the phone isn’t picked up, and you wonder if this is even the right phone number you’re reaching. If it isn’t, then either Facebook stalking occurs or I’m off the hook. And yes, there have been situations in which I as the pianist have found clients on Facebook, who even after accepting a friend request do nothing to contact me to rehearse with them. I suppose now that I am going off to college, students who ask for pianists will actually be serious about their talents. In high school, it has been a hassle.

The same goes with money as well. I cannot say how many times I have called people and while they do answer, money is never paid. I do not get business all year long; each single payment is precious to me. I don’t believe payment is not a difficult concept, but it’s incredible what excuses I have gotten for money not being paid. After several weeks I do happen to become tired of the constant asking for compensation. There have been cases where I have just given up, resolving that if that client ever crosses my path again I can sue or be paid with large amounts of interest.

I can drive!

When people go in and fail the driver skills test, it’s usually a big deal. When they pass, it isn’t really anymore, it’s just a thing of the past. It’s always nice to learn something after failing the first time.

Okay, I’m kidding I actually didn’t learn anything because I passed! After waiting a half a month my mom and I drove all the way to Cumberland to take the test there; it was the earliest appointment I could make since the beginning of this month anywhere in Maryland, and I didn’t want to risk not having time to test again before I ship out to Utah in two weeks. Driving through the mountains was breath-taking I’ll tell you that. I know I have something else to look forward to at BYU!

After chapel cleaning this morning, the family went out to Rio and watched the final installment of Harry Potter. And… I loved it! It all wrapped up very well, and the story-telling was great. It had the right amount of terror, some humor, and lots of magic! Awesome, I can’t wait to own it!

Summer Work Ethic

I guess I should have realized a long time ago that summer vacation is a notion of the young and the free. By the time I had even written the last post here, I had already graduated high school and was about to embark on my summer internship at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

I have been working at NIST for four summers now, including one summer of pure volunteering. I actually had my job revoked earlier in the year because of budget cuts. But I was lucky to have been re-approved in my position. “Physical Science Technician”. Not exactly what I would call myself, although I do work in the Physical Measurements Laboratory. I suppose I am a technician in that I use a computer all day long. My work remains in the databases of the physics web site, with my training in web-based programming languages.

One of those times again where I need to rethink of my life again. This job has become precious, like I had almost lost it. Although to be honest by the end of senior year the last thing I wanted was to work. I guess I didn’t know what to think: I had senioritis big time, and practically all I had been doing yearlong was preparing for music school. And I knew perfectly well the ambiguity of a future in a path like that. I had gone over it many times now.

By now my summer job is halfway through. And my mind has made about that much too. I really have forgotten the joys of programming, developing and designing for the web, learning new languages, and fighting hackers. It’s refreshing to be in the world of technology. I’ve realized that the world needs me for this; jobs may be scarce, but at least if I manage to keep this one or find one better, the pay will be higher and more stable. Suppose I do get some kind of big break from a random show of talent or whatnot. I’m better off not expecting it and only accepting that kind of fortune by chance.

Is it final? No. But my view of the future is more clear by just a hint more. I really need to see if I have time to double as a computer scientist and a musician.


I’ve been slacking lately, with and I’m not talking about blogging, although wholesale nba jerseys I could say that too. It Jaipur was amet a fine day, Ed but wholesale jerseys I still need to orchestrate music for the pit orchestra. And I need to Courses fix up the orchestration I have for a piece that I An wrote for concert band while we are still in the midst of rehearsing it. I also am writing a solo and orchestra piece for a scholarship, and I have been trying to write a piece for string orchestra. Apart from cheap nfl jerseys that, I need to B? brush up on my calculus as I am already behind. What should I do first? Get rid of county band, that’s for sure. I need to get rid je of piano lessons too…

8 Hours In An Office. 24 Hours In A Band Room.

As instrumental auditions for college begin filing in, this question plagues my mind. Would I rather work 40 hours a week in an office sitting at a computer. Or would it be cool to be stuck (l) in a high school band room 24/7. And yes, I probably would be there all day getting things done.

It is the age-old question – “What should I major in?” Completely unanswerable of course, wholesale jerseys it’s all up to the individual to decide. I really see music as being status part of my future, whether or not it’s a full-time job. I’ve worked the past two summers at Таре. NIST sitting in the Events lab 40 hours a week, and I can honestly say though it had boring moments, it was worth it. Working a lot needs to pay a lot, and that’s really all I want in a job.

Is it really? Would being a music teacher honestly sustain me and the family I want to have in the future? The difficulty Not in finding a job these days is wholesale NFL jerseys very real, so it’s a good idea to just stick to one thing and go for it. Plus, being a music major sucks up your entire schedule in college.

Double major? It’s a possibility. Not too sure if it will succeed, unless the majors are related, which cheap NFL jerseys IT and Music definitely aren’t. Perhaps a minor? I don’t think I can through slide either one to the side. But time will tell, and I’ll be sure to make my choice before it’s too late.